The rise of technology has drastically shifted the way we communicate. Constant notifications and messages can be overwhelming, ending up in a mental overload. Digital communication also raises the question of veritableness, never knowing what is real and what is not. 

Disconnected is an experimental short film about a digital relationship, that escalates to the point where one person realises that nothing of it is real.
To beginn with the main task was to create a look that visualises a digital relationship. The Kinect point cloud processing sketch by Daniel Shiffman was the perfect match for this. It was highly interesting to work with the Kinect depth sensor as a camera. Because it calculates a depth image with infrared, other factors that such as lighting do not matter. Another aspect that made this interesting was the virtual camera movement. Since the infrared image is 3D depth data we could navigate through the Footage in 3D space, even in realtime. This made the filming process fascinating, because it was a mix of real and virtual camera movements.

For the most part it was experimentation and improvisation with camera movements and angles. A lot of scenes actually have an inverted depth image so what is near in reality is further away in 3D Space. This creates a subtle illusion which is quite alienating.

Insides by Jon Hopkins was the perfect musical match to the video. The video was cut according to the music, with a continuous intensification of the visual impressions.

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